Mega Battle

Mega Battle

Lucario vs Mewtwo to see whos in the next Super Smash bros.


Tony Walker -brief from 42up

Hello, we are checking out Tony for this first legitimate post in the 7up thread.

After missing some school English classes, I can finally do an actual post here.

Tony is a funny, chatty kid who grows up into a funny, chatty man. I missed Eps 28-35 so I may be missing some info here.

Tony was brought up in the East-end of London, y’know, that slum part of the place. Somehow though through an amazing amount of ambition, determination and confidence jumped up through the social ladder. When he was 7 he said he wanted to be a jockey, and if that didn’t work out he would be a cab driver.  At 14 he was a jockey. It didn’t quite work out for him then, and so he became…….a cab driver.

This amazing guy even jumped the social ladder moving from a lower-class area and became an upper-middle class citizen, he has a strong relationship with his wife who is an extremely forgiving character, since he even admitted that he had committed adultery, and she gave him a second chance. ‘I’ve had a lot of regretful behavior’ he said before admitting it on the television series.

He (at 42 up) has a son and two daughters, and is surprised at the changes at the east-end when re-visiting it. He is much more emotional than first thought and I believe this image is from 56up (haven’t seen it yet.)

Ouch. View count

Hopefully people aren’t going to swarm into the Pokemon Spring friendly when it opens, since in Australia (where I live), I’ll probably be using this blog (opens at 10:00am here, I’ll be doing english class). So if people in other time zones are looking at this, well, thats great for my view count!


Here’s the poll

Pokemon walkthrough

As you may know, I really like Pokemon, and I want to actually use this Blog so I’m going to tell anyone from the small amount of people who actually are reading this to select a game from any of the one’s below.

I will make a commentary walkthrough, on youtube and here. Poll expires in one month.